About Us

H&E Beauty Ltd

When was H&E Beauty Ltd first established?

H&E Beauty Ltd was founded in Autumn 2019.

What does H&E stand for?

H&E is an acronym for co-founders Harriet and Ejiro.

Why did you create H&E Beauty Ltd?

We attended the same university and as some people are aware, being at university can be hard and draining. Ejiro loved studying marketing and Harriet was passionate about finance. During our time in university, we would both recommend different products to each other which ranged from make up to skin care etc. Talking about these products and putting them on made us feel good and was something we used to relax our minds during university. This led to a shared passion in beauty products.

Being able to communicate this to each other, we wanted to share that with others's around the world. 

What made H&E Beauty Ltd start with lashes for their launch ?

Lashes are something that we love as we have been wearing them from a young age: Harriet used to wear individuals when she was in secondary school and Ejiro wore strips lashes from sixth form. 

Both of us know the feeling when putting on lashes and how good we look with them on. Our aim with our lashes is to share the feeling that we had when we put on the lashes and empower our customers while wearing them. 

What do you have in store for the next launch ?

We have a few gorgeous products to share with our customers in the next few months.